Integrated Marketing

The best partnerships sell product.

“VW wants to be top-of-mind for the LGBTQ consumer.”

Volkswagen’s goal was to deepen their connection with a receptive LGBTQ consumer, increase purchase consideration, and bring new fans to the brand. That was the charge when Tribury partnered VW with The Focus Group. In a case where the messenger became the message, trusted LGBTQ marketers Tim Bennett and John Nash were able to weave the automakers brand story into their weekly broadcast in a consumer-facing, authentic and trusted fashion. Results? The VW brand moved to the top of the LGBTQ consumers shopping list, we sold millions worth of product, and had a great time on road trips to over 30 states!

Road trips and test drives authentically connected The Focus Group audience with VW, introducing them to a variety of products and vehicles. Check out all the miles The Focus Group covered.

The people that drive success.

A diverse workforce is proven to be a better workplace by all measures. At VW, the entire organization embraced and celebrated workplace diversity as a driver for success. As brand ambassadors for VW, The Focus Group was integral in sharing the VW story to all audiences. Letting the consumer know that VW was a welcoming brand for LGBTQ consumers was as important as supporting over 18 employee resource groups. Our work with VW encompassed a 360 approach.